Have You Met an Organ Pipe Cactus?

It's surprising the number of people who have never heard of Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument. Organ Pipe was created by presidential proclamation, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, in 1937. The monument preserves about 330,000 diverse acres. In 1976 it was declared a … read more »


Who was Kris Eggle?

Kris Eggle was a park ranger at Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument. The visitor's center has been named in his honor. After many decades we decided to spend a few days at the Monument. I had read the … Read more »


Tucson’s El Charro Iconic

Congratulations to Tucson's El Charro Cafe for being named Arizona's most iconic restaurant by Thrilllist.  The Flores family has been serving delicious food since 1922. Their carne seca is world … Read more »


400 Cards Make a Priceless Gift

Gustave Baumann was a husband, father, maker of exquisite marionettes, printer, painter and a character. What a surprise when his daughter Anna's Foundation donated a Christmas Card collection of 400 … Read more »

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Carnegie Library Las Vegas New Mexico

Full confession, I have a passion or is it an obsession, with books. When we travel I love to explore libraries and bookstores. Growing up I spent many hours inside the walls of a Carnegie Library in Pittsburgh. Between 1886 and 1919, Andrew … Read more »

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