Spring in Tucson

Yes we do have spring in the Sonoran Desert. Roses are blooming in the backyards of Tucson homes. Look at all these buds just waiting to burst into bloom. The Palo Verdes are wearing their spring finery. Most of Tucson is busy sneezing in … read more »

21 Quail Eggs Update

  Did you know quail mate for life? They do a wonderful job of raising each generation as a team. Mama is usually teaching the little ones how to search for food, taking dust baths, while Dad … Read more »


San Xavier Mission

The White Dove of the Desert, San Xavier Mission, on a beautiful Easter morning in Tucson. This historic site is a treasure to the world, no matter what your faith. Have you visited it? … Read more »


Mama Quail is Being Productive

I have never seen this many quail eggs in one basket, ooops meant nest! I realize it's Easter Week, but this is getting out of hand and Mama is still not sitting on them. We are curious to see what … Read more »

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The Wives of Los Alamos

Have you visited Los Alamos, New Mexico? It was the home for the creation of the atom bomb. The Wives of Los Alamos is a testament to a remarkable group of real life women who were sent to an undisclosed location in the Southwest desert along with … Read more »

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