Prickly Pear Flowers

Spring brings new life to the Sonoran Desert. The cacti bloom, bees, moths and bats get feed, while they pollinate the beautiful flowers. Bees create delicious honey for us to eat. The blooms ripen into sweet, juicy fruit to feed the desert quail, doves, woodpeckers, … read more »


Pie Lady of Pie Town, The Film

The Arizona International Film Festival has been screening films in Tucson this month. One of the films was shown at Tucson's Screening Room this week, along with four other shorts. The Pie Lady of … Read more »


Saguaros of Saguaro National Park

In the 1980's we decided to look for a couple of acres to build a future home. We found four across the street from Saguaro National Park. We would own it over 12 years before we built on it. What a … Read more »

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Riding Behind the Padre

It took years for Richard Collins to write Riding Behind the Padre. It's tough to be a first time writer when you have a 13,000 acre ranch that demands daily attention. Collins Ranch, The C6 in the Canelo Hills of Southern Arizona, is 25 miles … Read more »

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