Spring 2015 In The Sonoran Desert

We had plenty of rain over the winter and it nourished the dormant seeds and plants in the Tucson desert. Everywhere you looked was filled with southwest colors. As we head into April, it will be quickly disappearing. You have to get up early in the morning to catch these … read more »


Tucson’s Stone House

When I wrote about hiking the David Yetman Trail in the Tucson Mountains, we ended at the Stone House. Here are a few pictures and a little history. The trail signs and hikers call this the Stone … Read more »

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Riding Behind the Padre

It took years for Richard Collins to write Riding Behind the Padre. It's tough to be a first time writer when you have a 13,000 acre ranch that demands daily attention. Collins Ranch, The C6 in the Canelo Hills of Southern Arizona, is 25 miles … Read more »

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