Mama Quail is Being Productive

I have never seen this many quail eggs in one basket, ooops meant nest! I realize it's Easter Week, but this is getting out of hand and Mama is still not sitting on them. We are curious to see what will happen. I count 21 potential little ones. … read more »


Charlie’s Spic and Span

On the morning of April 14, 2014 we woke up to snow in Las Vegas, New Mexico. So we headed over to the Spic & Span for breakfast. It's a popular local hang out with great food, tortillas, cookies … Read more »


Santa Fe Sculptures

As you enter the Museum of Indian Arts, located on Museum Hill in Santa Fe, you encounter this incredible sculpture. Yesterday is was accented by the blue skies and white clouds of Santa Fe, New … Read more »


Santa Fe Folk Art Museum

Today we went to an amazing new exhibit at the Santa Fe Folk Art Museum, New Mexico wood carvers. This Panda looks like he's ready to attack. Have you been to the Folk Art Museum? … Read more »

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The Wives of Los Alamos

Have you visited Los Alamos, New Mexico? It was the home for the creation of the atom bomb. The Wives of Los Alamos is a testament to a remarkable group of real life women who were sent to an undisclosed location in the Southwest desert along with … Read more »

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