Cerrillos New Mexico

Love to explore the villages and small towns of Arizona and New Mexico. Many were once booming mining towns that dried up and literally blew away when the metals were mined out. One that appears to be a bedroom community of Santa Fe is a quiet dusty village. Not a paved … read more »


Going, Going, Gone!

About 14 years ago we planted a mesquite tree outside our garage. It took off like a rocket and never stopped growing. This tree had thorns that were lethal to your body and tires. It's roots … Read more »

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DeGrazia’s Gallery in the Sun Gift Shop

If you are looking for a unique gift that represents Tucson, I suggest visiting a few of our local attraction's gift shops. One of my favorites, I always visit with our out of town guests, is DeGrazia's Gallery in the Sun. This is a gallery and gift … Read more »

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