Memorial Day and Memorials

Today is the day we honor our men and women lost in wars and conflicts. We decorate their graves with flags and visit various memorials throughout our cities and towns. In March of 2014,  we decided to do a little traveling on Route 66. We started out in Lake Havasu with our … read more »


Rain in Tucson on May 16, 2015

Last night I was awakened by the sounds of rain. We had the doors opened. I laid in bed for over an hour and listened to the music of the desert and embraced the smells of Sonoran Desert Rain. To wake … Read more »


Sonoran Desert Flowers

Yesterday I was leaving Miles Exploratory Learning Center and discovered this beautiful flower growing in a pot near the parking lot. We have lived in the Sonoran Desert for 44 years and I am … Read more »

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Riding Behind the Padre

It took years for Richard Collins to write Riding Behind the Padre. It's tough to be a first time writer when you have a 13,000 acre ranch that demands daily attention. Collins Ranch, The C6 in the Canelo Hills of Southern Arizona, is 25 miles … Read more »

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